Coping with Panic Attacks

by Sam Malone

There are millions of people all over the world who struggle to deal with panic attacks. A panic attack may occur anytime, anywhere, without any warning. Most people are never able to begin coping with panic attacks because they are not truly in control of their emotions that may trigger panic.

A lot of people are unable to begin with the process of coping with panic attacks because they simply do not know what triggers their panic and how they are to deal with it. There are many effective ways to dealing with panic attacks. Apart from the therapy for panic attacks, self help could also be used to cope with them. A lot of people prefer using the help of a qualified medical professional and medications. Yet, there is a growing support for self help and natural remedies as the right way of coping with panic attacks.

Statistically speaking, therapy and treatment of panic attacks with the help of medication is very effective though the results are often temporary. Many people, who take medications to avoid a panic attack, often experience one after they have stopped taking their medications. Unfortunately, for many, panic attacks may begin to be experienced once again after the therapy has been stopped. Perhaps that is the reason many have started to turn to home remedies and self help for dealing with panic attacks.

A panic attack is a situation in which the person experiencing it, experiences intense anxiety. These feelings of sudden anxiety may often be accompanied by fear, physical excitement, discomfort, and stomach problems. Many feel that the symptoms of a panic attack are much like those of a heart attack and the discomfort that one might feel while experiencing the symptoms may also be similar.

Some of the more traditional ways of coping with panic attacks is to work on the cause of panic attacks; mainly stress and anxiety. Meditation and yoga are often perfect for relaxing the body and the mind. Besides offering physical and mental relaxation, meditation and yoga can also help restore the chemical balance in the brain. The hormonal flow can also be channeled properly using the techniques of yoga. All of these together, would help reduce the symptoms of panic attacks.

Since the cause of panic attacks is usually the release of epinephrine and adrenaline in the body, the treatment also focuses on training these responses through cognitive and behavioral therapy. A doctor is the best person to help you with other techniques for coping with panic attacks.

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