Shiatsu Massage Therapy

by Sharon Hopkins

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork. Shiatsu massage therapy involves the use of finger and palm pressure on various nerve centers in the body to relieve stress and ailments. Its origins however, lie in ancient Chinese medicine, which used the art of Shiatsu to correct imbalances in the body and release any obstructions for a free flow of chi or energy.

Shiatsu treatment relieves joint pains, arthritis related aches, back, shoulder, and neck pains. Women suffering from chronic premenstrual cramps may also find relief due to shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is also known to aid better digestion and eliminate problems such as constipation and gas. Individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression may also find shiatsu treatment useful. If you are suffering from fatigue or recovering from physical injuries, Shiatsu massage would help you relax and also speed up the healing process.

Shiatsu Massage Training

Shiatsu theory and practice may have originated from Oriental medicine but Western influences of modern physiology and anatomy have led to many different styles of shiatsu massage. Training schools for shiatsu may insist on a solid background of modern physiology and anatomy apart from knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and practice. Shiatsu massage training would include both shiatsu theory and practice during and after classroom hours. Shiatsu massage training would also make you well versed in diseases and conditions that you may encounter with future clients and thus you could use the correct shiatsu style to help them.

Shiatsu massage training schools may offer full time or part time courses. If you are interested in shiatsu treatment, you must evaluate the different options and pick a shiatsu style you would like to practice. Also, ensure that the shiatsu massage training school you choose is a recognized and registered school, which will provide you with a course completion certificate or degree that is valid for practice.

In the United States, different states have different laws regarding accreditation and practice of Shiatsu as alternate medicine. You may want to consider this before applying to a shiatsu massage training school. Also it would be advisable to research on your employment options well in advance.A basic knowledge of this treatment may allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home. Attending a short course through shiatsu workshops or a nearby holistic center, would help you pick up some home shiatsu techniques which you can use to relax or relieve stress.

However, note that without proper knowledge of the meridians (nerve centers) you could do more damage than good. Since the shiatsu treatment requires application of finger or palm pressure, be careful to have a trained practitioner work with your problems.Many home shiatsu products like chairs, cushions, hand and foot spas claim to access your nerve points with the touch of a remote.With its roots in ancient medicine and its modern approach, shiatsu massage therapy may provide an alternative answer to modern medicine.

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