Shiatsu Massage

by Kevin Pederson

Shiatsu is a massage technique, involving pressure of the fingers. It is also referred to as acupressure. Specific areas causing trouble are assessed prior to the treatment. Pressure is applied with fingers, hands and palm on the pressure points. Shiatsu does not involve puncturing of the body with needles. Energy blocks are released by the usage of squeezing, tapping, pressure application and rubbing techniques.

A shiatsu massage involves certain healing benefits. It helps in disease prevention, enhances blood circulation, raises mental and spiritual awareness, decreases blood pressure, relaxes the muscles, eliminates toxins, decreases stress and reduces anxiety levels.It has its basis from anma, a form of healing of Eastern origin. It was used for curing various disorders, diseases and pains.It is practiced to a great extent in China and Japan. Western shiatsu is categorized into many namely, macrobiotic shiatsu, barefoot shiatsu, namikoshi shiatsu, zen shiatsu, oha shiatsu and shiatsu-do.

Traditional acupuncture points are massaged with the finger tips with pressure application is the principle of shiatsu massage. The different meridians are brought back with energy and balance. The individuals are made to sit in a reclined position. Particular ones along the meridians are applied pressure by the finger tips, hands or fingers. Removal of block hastens healing and helps in attaining balance.Enhancement of circulation brings a feeling of relaxation. Boosting of immunity, pain relief and feeling of euphoria are the merits of shiatsu massage.

Deep relaxation might contribute to a few side effects, such as headaches, pain and cold. Majority of the ailments are cured and healing is rapid. These symptoms last for less than 24 hours and they gradually reduce with every successive massage. Shiatsu is a holistic approach of healing and refers to 'finger pressure'. Stress alleviation and relaxation from muscle stiffness is common. Rhythmic pressure is applied and certain places are tender and soft.

Proper communication is essential, especially, in case of increased pressure. It is relaxing and soothing to the nervous system.The shiatsu massage is carried out on a low table or on the floor. There is no reason for undressing, as oil is not used in this form of massage. Shiatsu is utilized for providing relief from back pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, injuries, constipation, premenstrual syndrome, indigestion, fatigue and pain due to inflammation. A heavy meal prior to shiatsu is not recommended. Reach the massage centre or spa early, to finish the formalities, especially, if you are a first-timer.

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