August 16, 2010

Running And Sciatica

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Running is one of the most effective exercise patterns when it comes to working on the major muscle groups in the human body. Most of us live very stressful lives and rarely fin time to exercise. Running thus provides a better prospect given the fact that the requirements and equipment needed are subliminal. Running is an overall exercise regime because it incorporates a number of the major muscle groups in the body. Running also helps develop your breathing patterns more effectively. Moreover, the exercise and movement patterns that running incorporates also helps lubricate the various joints in the body. This makes movement much easier over the course of the day. Running is also becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of a number of conditions. Running and sciatica, for example, are known to compliment each other quite well. One must keep in mind though, that it is important that you consult your fitness expert before undertaking an intense running program. This is mainly because too much running could also be the primary cause of the development of some other complications in addition to the fact that it is also likely to exaggerate the conditions of the current ones.

Treatments for Sciatica: When discussing running and sciatica – running can easily be a method of treatment for the problem as well as being its most prominent cause. For those that are unaware of what sciatica some basic information on it would provide great help. A brief explanation would be to say that it is a set of symptoms – the most prominent one being pain. This pain in the result of the compression or irritation of the left, right or even both sciatic nerves in the spinal area of the body. The pain is generally felt blow the waist and can be so intense that it has a crippling effect on the affected individual.

Initially, your doctor or treatment specialist will suggest that you try walking regularly to help ease the pain. If this works as a treatment your doctor would suggest running and other sciatica treatments as the next step. It is important that you find an appropriate surface on which to run so as to minimize the pounding and shock felt by the foot muscles. Running on the beach is highly advised because of the fact that the impact offered by sand is minimal. While running on the beach it is also recommended that you run near the waterline in order to prevent other injuries from occurring such as a twisted ankle.