I have been diagnosed with sciatica. I have shooting pains in my buttocks, and knee, and foot. Do you know of a remedy?

Sciatica is a problem that occurs when the sciatic nerve, which extends from the buttock to the great toe, is somehow damaged or impeded. There can be many reasons as to why this problem has occurred. But there are some fairly simple remedial measures you can take to improve the situation. However, the first step is to try and figure out why you are having this shooting pain. One of the commonest reasons for sciatica in men is that they keep a bulging wallet in their back pockets and spend large amounts of time sitting on it. This presses the nerve continually, and very hard, since the entire weight of the torso falls on the wallet and therefore the nerve. Most people do not even consciously realize or register this, and when this kind of behavior is repeated for years, it leads to sciatica. Naturally, the solution here lies in removing the wallet from its location and moving it to another. While this may not show instant miraculous results, remember that it took years for the problem to become full blown, so it may take at least a few months for it to disappear altogether.

You must also make it a point to sit on a cushioned surface only. This will also help to prevent from pressing the nerve directly and excessively. If you are in a job or a situation wherein you have to remain seated for long periods of time, make it a point to get up and walk about every hour. This will keep circulation going well in the nerve. You can also start eating a pod of raw garlic every day, and chase it down with a glass of milk in order to take care of sciatic pain. This is an age old remedy, and one that usually works well.

answered by M W

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