Please suggest any relief for Sciatica?

Natural Cure for Sciatica

Here I have some of the good home remedies for sciatica:

  • Extract juice form potato and drink it. This proves to be an effective home remedy for sciatica.
  • Celery juice is another effective remedy for curing sciatica.
  • Mixture of potato juice, celery juice, carrot juice and beet is a tasteful mixture that can help in naturally treating the condition.
  • Apply fresh minced horseradish poultice on the painful area. This will help in stimulating the sciatic nerve.
  • Garlic is another good remedy for curing sciatica. You can either eat raw garlic, use it in cooking or in the form of supplements.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin B1 are beneficial for stimulating the sciatic nerve and treating sciatica.
  • Placing a hot water bag on the painful area can also help in relieving pain and providing a sound sleep.
  • Drink plenty of elderberry juice.
  • Incorporate more of watercress and parsley in your diet.
  • A small portion of raw sauerkraut is a great preventive remedy for sciatica.
  • Elderberry tea can also help in improving the functions of nervous system.
  • Apart from having nutritious and balanced diet, you can also try some exercise. Gentle exercises help in strengthening and supporting the lower back.
  • Water helps in reducing pain and improving circulation. So, take a long bath.

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