August 16, 2010

Health Benefits Of Running During Winter

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Running during winter could be a bit of a challenge for most people. Many people who run on a daily basis find it necessary to quit running, or at least cut it down considerably, because of the extreme cold weather. In some places, running during winter may also mean that you have to run, while it is dark, especially, if you have to work later on in the day, as the days get shorter. Another challenge could be running on roads that are slippery. Running during winter could also be slightly risky, because the windshields of several vehicles get crusted with snow, affecting their visibility. However, running during winters can be quite rewarding too, if you allow yourself to enjoy the reflection of the predawn moonlight on the snow.

Nevertheless, running does not have to stop during winters. The key to continuing your exercise routine is ensuring that you are well clad. As long as you make sure that your arms, legs, torso, feet and your head are well covered, there is no reason why you cannot continue running, regardless of how cold it gets. In fact, running may very well be the best option, as it would help you feel warmer, after a few minutes. One of the most common mistakes that novice runners make is that they overdress for running, during winters. That is why it is best to wear layers of clothing that unbutton or unzip easily, so that you can take a couple of layers off, after you warm up, or if you are running with your back to the wind.

Another problem that runners may face during winters is frozen eyelashes. However, this is a very minor concern that can easily be dealt with. If you are wearing mittens, (if you are running in weather that is cold enough to freeze your lashes), just place the fingertip of one finger on your eyelash, so that the ice melts and gets absorbed. Keep repeating this regularly, so that the ice does not form on the eyelash.

In order to deal with winter darkness, in case you have the habit of running early in the morning or late in the evening, it may be a good option, to carry a flashlight along with you. Even though you should not give up running, for the entire season, there may be some days, when it is just not advisable to go running. Try to exercise indoors, by using a treadmill or a cycling, on those days.