June 22, 2009

Reflexology Acupressure For Common Illness

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Reflexology is an alternative treatment method to cure various ailments. It involves massaging and pressing of specific points on the feet and also ears and hands so as to enhance the state of well being of the body. Reflexology is the act of applying pressure with specific hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands for specific benefits to the body.

Reflexology works on a well defined principle. The pressure sensors in hands and feet form a part of the reflex arch of the body, thereby transforming the fight or flight reaction to danger. Reflexology taps in to this reflex area, providing a stimulation of pressure sensors, and thus to the internal organs to which the reflex network is cohered to. There is another, somewhat similar technique, called Acupressure. Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique based on the technique of Acupuncture. Acupressure is a primordial healing method that involves using skillfully pressing key points of fingers and other parts of body to stimulate natural curative ability of the body. When these key points are pressed, muscular tension is released which leads to enhanced blood circulation. Acupuncture leverages a number of advantages to the body including relieving pain, reducing stress, and increasing blood circulation, thereby providing a soothing effect to the body.

Acupressure and Reflexology

These techniques of Acupressure therapy and Reflexology are similar in their functioning, but different in working. Reflexology works through neurological pathways while Acupressure works through meridian pathways. These techniques have their own advantages and limitations too. As Acupressure and Reflexology are complimentary and compatible techniques, their combination can lead to great results. This can be illustrated by an example. Suppose you have a difficulty in digesting certain foods, you may combine these two techniques for best results. The two approaches to alleviate the ailment using a combination of Reflexology and Acupuncture are as follows:

  1. You may work on Reflexology points of foot with one hand and meridian points of stomach with the other hand.
  2. You may first work on a pair of constricted meridians and work on foot Reflexology points at the end of the treatment.

Hence, these techniques can complement each others effect very nicely. These techniques must be performed by a specialist and as such, you are not advised to use it as a home remedy to cure various ailments.