My 7 year old has common wart on her hands. The dermatologist has tried everything besides lasering them off. Are there any home remedies to try?

Before trying for any surgical remedy try these home cures for warts-

  • Cover the warts with enough garlic. Put a bandage. Keep it overnight. In the morning remove it. Small blisters may appear. Do not remove them. Continue the procedure. Within 2 weeks, warts disappear.
  • Rub raw potato on warts many times a day for at least two weeks. It will remove warts.
  • Warts may disappear by rubbing cut onion on the area. It stimulates the circulation of blood.
  • Apply Castor oil twice a day on affected area.
  • Tapping inner part of banana also helps.
  • Crush aspirin and apply on warts. Close it airtight. Do not allow air to pass in.
  • Applying tea tree oil on warts is helpful.
  • Dip cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Put it on warts and close it with bandage overnight.
  • Apply cotton ball dipped in lime juice.
  • Always remember to keep the wart area clean and dry.

answered by R S

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