August 4, 2009

Ear Acupressure for Weight Loss

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There is no dearth of diets, machines and systems for weight loss. As the world becomes more self conscious, a positive and healthy image has become very important. Be it your work or personal life, today everyone wants to put their best foot forward and much of it comes from how you look.

While the world experiments with different, new and improved methods of weight loss today, centuries ago in ancient China, philosophers and healers developed a healing technique which is helping millions lose weight today. Those who have used acupressure for inducing weight loss, swear by it. Acupressure therapy is easy to use and concentrates on massaging and pressing of certain pressure points that help the flow of life energy unobstructed and improves the functioning of many of our organs.

To use acupressure effectively, all you have to do is, familiarize yourself with your body. Sit with a therapist to understand the reflexology channels that run their course through your body. Armed with your understanding and knowledge of the reflexology map of your body, identify the areas in your body that you associate with your weight gain. If your constitution is such that you gain weight due to water retention, identify the various organs that can help eliminate water – kidneys, intestines, stomach, digestive tract and the adrenal glands.

Ear Acupressure and Weight Loss

Discuss with your therapist, the possibility to use acupressure on the appetite suppression points on your ear. These points located around the ear and if used in the right manner, they help suppress appetite so that you eat only when it’s necessary.

Just on the web of skin between your thumb and the index finger, there lies a point known as the eliminator point. This point helps remove waste from our body. When the right combination of the glands and the eliminator point is used, you can flush out excess water from your body along with toxins and other impurities.

Ask your therapist to start with a hand and foot massage. Relax in the foot reflexology session and let the sensations calm you over. If your therapist encounters any tender points, stop the session and move on to the next point. Move over again to the ear and apply pressure on the appetite suppression points located on the ear.

While utilizing acupressure therapy, be mindful of one thing. Acupressure does not really work alone. You will have to continue take a healthy diet and will also have to exercise. Acupressure can only help you hasten the process of losing weight. If used alone, without the support of diet and exercise, acupressure cannot do much for you except perhaps relaxing you.