by Sharon Hopkins

In ancient Egypt, China and India, reflexology was already in existence, it was in 1913 that it was introduced to the Western world. Reflexology involves massage of feet and hands, most of the times it is only feet. It is believed that feet have all points that are connected to some or the other part of the body.

In fact feet have points for all body parts, therefore, massaging foot in specific way will help provide relaxation to those body parts which are under stress. Reflexology is also called zone therapy. Massage therapists are trained for giving this massage, it requires that the person has all information regarding points and their relation to specific body, i.e. the massage therapist should know what point on the foot belongs to which body part.

When the massage therapist has this knowledge he can give you a comprehensive foot massage or a specific one. Reflexology uses the same points on foot as acupressure techniques. Reflexology combines acupressure techniques along with foot massage.

Reflexology has proven to be useful for several ailments, including, migraine, back pain, sports injuries, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, etc. Reflexology initially had pressure points of its own, however, use of acupressure points has begun recently, these acupressure points used are from ancient Chinese medicine.

Most of the times, for therapeutic effect from reflexology it is extremely important that the therapist is knowledgeable about your problem as well as regarding what treatment you should be given as solution to the problem. If the therapist is not very knowledgeable you might not get relief from ailment, nevertheless you will feel the relaxing effects for all your body.

Reflexology does not claim to cure or prescribe any medicine for cure, however, it can help you relax and maintain a proper equilibrium of all body hormones. Reflexology also can give you relief from chronic pain and foot reflexology can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Foot reflexology is ideal for those on the move who would do not have time on hand but would want to remove stress from the body.

Reflexology also involves massage of the palms, since this is also considered to hold points to all body parts, however, foot massage has been more famous because of its relaxing effect. Reflexology can be done anywhere, anytime and for anyone who would like to enjoy the relaxing effects. Reflexology is gaining fame in many parts of the world.

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