March 31, 2008

Pregnancy Stages – Planning, Tests & Process Of Physical Changes

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A pregnant woman has to go through 3 trimester pregnancy stages in her pregnancy period. In each this trimester period, three months get included.

In the first of these three pregnancy stages, a pregnant woman has to face changes in her body. As she is growing with another life, a pregnant woman has to face physical problems like fatigue, nausea, backaches, mood swings and mental physical stress.

In this starting period of the first trimester, a pregnant woman may feel exhausted. It is because her body works hard to develop another life in her uterus. So just feel relax by taking some more bed rest.

A woman should have taken at least 8 hours rest daily and take a nap during day. In addition, a woman starts to sleep on her left side, which will help to relieve pressure from the blood vessels, which provide oxygen and other nutrients to the growing fetus. In addition, if a woman is a high-blood pressure patient, it is compulsory to sleep on the left side.

In the first trimester stage, it is vital to undergo all essential pathological tests by consulting the authorized gynecologists. These tests save you and your child from other disease infections, medical abnormalities and medical complications.

In the second trimester, a pregnant woman faces the physical complications are lesser than previous pregnancy stages. A woman faces body modifications like expansion of abdomen size, gaining of weight, feeling movements from the uterus.

By the end of the 2nd trimester, the ideal weight of your child should be 1 ¾ pounds and its length should be 13 inches. In the fifth month of the pregnancy, you can feel your baby’s movement. At the end of the 2nd trimester, all the essential organs of your baby like heart, kidneys, lungs, etc are formed.

In the third trimester, breathing becomes even more difficult than previous two pregnancy stages. As the size of baby is increasing, a woman has to face more pressure on her body organs. A woman has to face physical problems like heartburn, toxemia, sleeping troubles. In that case, consult your gynecologist as early as possible.

As a pregnant woman is very close to deliver the child  at the end of the ninth month in the third trimester, her cervix becomes thinner and softer called as effacing. This last stage assists the birth canal like vagina to open during the process.