Advice on curing gastritis before conceiving

It is recommended that you obtain the proper treatment for gastritis before you conceive. This is to prevent any consequences of the gastritis occurring during pregnancy and on the developing fetus. Gastritis is usually easy to treat and as such can be taken care of in a short period of time. Gastritis refers to inflammation of the stomach lining. This can be caused by various factors such as infections, diet, autoimmune problems and stress. The stomach lining becomes eroded due to the excess production of acid, and if left untreated could result in ulcers. This damage is generally not permanent and with the right treatment can be reversed. Gastritis symptoms include heartburn, digestion problems, stomach pain, appetite loss, hiccups, nausea, and dark stools. Infections that cause gastritis can be bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic. Other causes of inflammation could be excessive intake of alcohol or coffee, continuous use of certain medications, smoking, stress and anxiety and poor dietary habits.

Home remedies are easily available and also effective in curbing gastritis. Immediate relief from gastritis symptoms can be sought by placing a couple of cloves in the mouth. Chew them until the juice is extracted from them. This is an excellent remedy for speedy relief from acidity. An herbal tea consisting of licorice, spearmint and ginger is also helpful in preventing gastritis attacks. Taking three glasses of tender coconut water every day will help to bring relief from gastritis. A mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice can be taken on a regular basis for treating gastritis. Another good remedy for preventing gastritis is to chew on fennel seeds after each meal. Add asafetida to a mixture of tamarind and cumin water and take this for alleviating symptoms of gastritis. Chewing on a piece of ginger before your meals will promote proper digestion, thereby preventing excess acid production. A spoonful of carom seeds along with a pinch of salt also works well to treat gastritis.

Having regular meals is important for preventing gastritis. Overeating and eating too often can hamper digestion and cause the stomach to produce an increased amount of acid. Limit your intake of milk and other dairy products. Opt for foods that are either fat free or low in fat. Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeinated drinks, spicy food and condiments. Include whole grain foods and vegetables and fruits. Consume foods that can be digested easily and ensure that you eat slowly and chew well, so as to allow the proper digestion of foods.

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Treating gastritis with medication or home remedies will help ease strain during pregnancy. It is therefore advisable to treat gastritis before conceiving so that the effects of gastritis do not affect or complicate your pregnancy. Gastro intestinal disorders respond to effective treatments and are known to improve quickly.

Gastrointestinal disorders are amongst the most common complaints experienced by pregnant women. While such a disorder requires special consideration during pregnancy, understanding the cause of such a condition helps diagnose and treat gastritis better. Gastro intestinal disorders are related to inflammation of the stomach lining leading to abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, pain, vomiting, headache, nausea and dizziness. Other related symptoms indicating onset of gastritis are increased flow of saliva, foul breath, bad taste in the mouth and a reduced flow of urine. Gastrointestinal disorders are classified as acute (sudden) or chronic (gradual) in nature.

The key causes leading to gastritis are: excessive consumption of alcohol, backflow of bile or bile reflux and bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori can cause infection and stomach cancer in extreme cases. If left untreated gastro intestinal disorders can lead to severe loss of blood and increase your chances of developing stomach cancer.

Home remedies such as decoctions and infusions made from herbs and kitchen ingredients can be helpful in treating gastritis that is mild to moderate in nature. Professional help may be required in severe and chronic cases. Make a tonic from a teaspoon of crushed aniseed and boiling water kept in a closed container for five minutes. Cool the solution, strain and drink a tablespoon at a time. A cup or two a day can improve the digestive ability and relieve abdominal discomfort. You can also do the same with cumin seeds or shredded ginger.

Pregnant women with gastritis may be more prone to nausea and vomiting. Vomiting will deprive you and your baby of essential vitamin and minerals that will help you and your child lead a healthy life. In such a case you should switch to small and frequent meals, low fat and high carbohydrate meals. Replenishing your body with intake of fluids is the ideal way to tackle vomiting. So increase your intake of juices, milkshakes and fresh coconut water to help you build a better digestive system. Gastritis maybe also caused due to certain allergy causing foods such as milk, fish, eggs, contaminated food or alcohol. Doing away with such foods will also help reduce the risk of enduring the symptoms.

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Advice on gastritis and pregnancy -

  • Please be positive. Gastritis in no way affects the fetus.
  • Just a little uneasiness and some cramps may lead. With proper diet and some relaxation techniques this will normalize itself.

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