March 31, 2008

Nutrition During Pregnancy – Ideal & Healthy Food For A Pregnant Woman

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Taking a well- balanced diet is a must for a pregnant woman; it ensures that both the mother as well as the baby remains healthy. Nutrition during pregnancy should include all the vitamins and minerals which are vital for the overall development of the baby and the mother remains healthy during and after the pregnancy.

During pregnancy the diet taken should be rich in calcium, folic acid, protein and Vitamin B12. About 1200 mg of calcium is must per day; foods such as yogurt, cheese, skim milk, beans etc are rich in calcium. Peanuts, peanut butter, dried beans, corn, dark green vegetables contains good amount of folic acid; your daily requirement of folic acid is 400 mg. 10 grams of proteins per day should be taken; foods rich in proteins such as soup of pea, bean tacos, legumes is an important nutrition during pregnancy. The amount taken will vary depending on your pregnancy months.

Once you reach the second trimester of pregnancy you got to increase your diet by about 300 calories per day. Milk products, green vegetables, should be taken in proper quantity. And during the third trimester your baby and your requirement of food will increase; it is better to consult your doctor to know your body requirement.

Always remember proper nutrition during pregnancy ensures that your child’s brain, bones and important organs are well developed. It is better to take small meals during the pregnancy periods on constant intervals. Drink lots of water; six to eight glasses of water per day is must. It is always better to quit smoking, alcohol, caffeine during the pregnancy days. The meal which you take should not only be balanced but it should also be taken at regular intervals; prepare a time table for yourself and never try to skip the meals.