Menstruation period crossed the date. Pregnancy test is positive. Don't know how many weeks pregnant. Is there any way to wipe out pregnancy?

If you are not ready to have a baby then you need to see a gynecologist immediately and get yourself checked. This will help you to know how many weeks you have been pregnant and whether it is safe to have an abortion. Delaying and avoiding a medical check up might put your life in danger and it might be too late for an abortion later. You cannot just 'wipe out pregnancy' on your own. This requires medical supervision so that it is done safely and correctly. You must see a gynecologist as soon as possible and inform him or her that you want an abortion.

In the early weeks of pregnancy it is possible to have an abortion with the help of appropriate medicines, but if you delay it then you might have to get it surgically removed. Non surgical abortions or medical abortions as they are commonly know are most effective when they are done within the first 49 days and in most cases do not require any surgery. In the initial twelve weeks the most common method used for abortion is the suction method where a plastic tube attached to a medical vacuum pump is used to suck out the fetus from the uterus and then disposed off. The gynecologist also uses a medical instrument called the curette to clean the walls of the uterus by scraping it with the curette to remove any remaining fetal matter from inside. Another method used includes dilating the cervical opening to open up the uterus and then the suction is used to empty it out. In the later week that is after sixteen weeks abortion is performed by dilating and extracting the intact fetus by surgically decompressing the fetus head before removing from the uterus. This method is banned in the United States. During the later stages of pregnancy a method known as the hysterotomy abortion is used and this is similar to a caesarean section. An incision is made which is smaller than the incision made in caesarean section and then the fetus is surgically removed. From the 20th to the 23rd week of pregnancy a different method is used which consists of two parts. First an injection is given to stop the fetal heart. Then a gynecologist removes it by the general surgical methods for an abortion.

Some people try to cause an abortion by applying pressure or trauma on the abdomen. This is not at all recommended, as it is very unsafe and might lead to internal and external injuries. Besides this does not guarantee an abortion.

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