May 21, 2009

Clogged Skin Pores

Posted in Category : Beauty

If you are suffering from skin pores that are clogged, there could be a few fixed reasons for it. One of the primary ones would be that your skin is not kept clean. This typically happens when people do not have the time to follow a proper skin care routine. You should be aware that the skin is the largest organ in your body, and it also performs a large variety of functions. Like all other parts of you, it should be kept clean and healthy. Otherwise, it will start showing the lack of care. In order to keep your pres unclogged and your skin clean, you should get a facial first. This will perform the primary function of opening up your clogged pores and getting them thoroughly cleaned to begin with. Once you have done this, it becomes easier to maintain the cleaner and unclogged skin. To start with, you should follow a nightly routine of washing your face with warm water and then applying a basic and mild cleanser. This way, your pores will open up and get a good clean up each night. After this, you should wash the cleanser off and apply a coat of basic moisturizer to your face. This will ensure that the moisturizer will keep working on your skin all night. Try to do this on a daily basis and you will notice how beautifully your skin responds to this kind of care.

You should also try to exfoliate your skin once a week. This is the most definite way to see to it that your skin does not have any clogged pores. The process of exfoliation will remove all dirt and dead skin cells and particles form the surface of your skin. If possible, do this while bathing. Try to have a hot bath, so you will find your skin more receptive to the exfoliation process. This way, it will also be easier to cleanse and nourish. Make sure that after you have done this, you do not forget to apply a basic moisturizer. One of the best ways to unclog pores is to use a quick clean up method. Take half a tomato and sprinkle a teaspoon of crystalline sugar on it. Use this for a quick scrub of the face whenever you feel like it. This is a great way to not only open up the clogged pores of your skin, it will also help to even skin tone.