What can I do for my ear? It does not hurt but feels clogged and I can't hear through it.

Temporary deafness or temporary hearing loss is due to many reasons. These reasons include the accumulation of ear wax, ear infections or even exposure to loud sounds/noises. Treatment for temporary deafness will depend on the cause. However, there are some basic home remedies which one can try out to help solve the problem. These are listed below.

  • If the temporary deafness is due to overexposure or long exposure to loud noises or sounds, the solution is to avoid exposure to these loud noises or sounds. For instance, if you are in a loud environment, you could wear ear plugs which would help to keep this problem at bay.
  • The accumulation of ear wax, as mentioned above, is another cause for temporary hearing loss. If this is the case, you will need to clean out your ears thoroughly to ensure that the wax comes out of the ear. One way to prevent the buildup of ear wax and subsequent temporary deafness is to clean the ears regularly.
  • In time ear infections generally clear up on their own after which your hearing should be restored and you should face no trouble.

Keep in mind that while the above remedies should work in clearing up hearing loss, it is also advisable to check with your general practitioner to ascertain that you are following the right treatment. Doctors are able to clean out ear wax with the aid or a special machine and may also recommend antibiotics or certain ear drops to help clear up an infection.

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