Remedies For Clogged Ear: How do you unclog ear?

There are various ways to unclog a blocked ear. It would depend largely on what is the exact cause for it. If you have a clogged ear due to a cold or an infection, then Doctor's Brandy is the best way to deal with the situation. Pour a few drops of warm Doctor's Brandy in your ear and let it stay there for about 10 minutes. If you have a clogged ear due to cold, then this remedy should go a long way towards loosening phlegm in your ear and clearing up the clogging. If it is an abundance of waxy deposits, then you can try to put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear and let it stand for a while. You will hear it working towards clearing the blockage. Drain the peroxide by turning your head in the other direction, and then use a swab to clean. If this does not work, try to insert a few drops of diluted vinegar – equal parts of vinegar and water - and let it stand. You should be able to easily discern a crackling sound in your ear, and this will clear up the blockage after one or two uses. If none of these remedies work, try to put in a few drops of warm coconut oil in your ear and plug them with cotton. Leave this in overnight, and you should see a change the next morning.

answered by M W

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