September 26, 2006

Aromatherapy Candles

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Aromatherapy Candles – Magical light with wafting scents

Aromatherapy candles let the essential oil vapors diffuse into your senses. You can use these to get your energy flowing, enhance a romantic evening, create contentment after a stressful day, or get in touch with your inner self.

There are wide ranging scented candles to choose from, some are even made from Beeswax. This is among the purest materials used; besides they burn cleanly and efficiently while a sweet honey fragrance emerges. Also these candles are environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

Palm wax candles, blended with essential oils are created for their fragrance as well as to define the metaphysical focus. These address the energy of the oils, and so have a subtle medicinal effect.

Adding to the aroma is the look; you can choose the floating flame gel candles. Their transparency makes the gentle yellow light shimmer through the overall effect is quite mesmerizing.

Along with the pillar candles you can even get sophisticated jar candles, the flame flickers through translucent glass, casting optical shadows as the fragrance soothes the soul.

The wonderful part is that your aches and worries slowly disappear, as you smell the sometimes sweet or spicy, or even warm aromas. So light an Aromatherapy candles ? let the peace envelope you.