by Rachel Bhan

Aromatherapy means healing, essentially through aromatic oils. Oil aromatherapy is used worldwide to change moods or for bringing relief from stress and related illnesses. There are several methods to aromatherapy. There is no particular method to use for this alternative medicine.

People try to relax and enhance or change their moods by using different types of methods. Some light aromatherapy candles in their homes so that the aroma exuding from the candle brings about a change in mood inside home. Aromatherapy candles contain aromatherapy oils put in at the time of making, these candles start giving out scent smell once these are lighted. This is especially used by those spiritually inclined. People with headaches, cramps, pains and migraines are known to profit from aromatherapy candles.

Another method you can use to spread aroma from aromatherapy essential oils is by using a diffuser. Aromatherapy diffusers are available in a huge range; you can add drops of aromatherapy essential oils to water and put in the diffuser for the scent to spread. There are fan diffusers, which use fans to diffuse aromatherapy oils, diffuser pots, diffuser lamps, car aroma diffusers, etc.

Combination of oils can be used to ring advanced relief in pains and aches. The combination oils are available in market, if you are quite knowledgeable about aromatherapy oils, then you can use aromatherapy recipes to make more effective aromatherapy essential oils. Aromatherapy recipes help you get more relaxation at the same time from a variety of ailments. You can get relief from headaches, migraines, tensions, stress, exhaustion, anger, colds and variety other problems. Aromatherapy also will help you set up a romantic mood in your home.

Aromatherapy massages are an ideal way of getting the most out of aromatherapy essential oils. You could always use an aromatherapy massage for complete relaxation. Aromatherapy oils, when absorbed through your skin cells, provide you with better results than inhaling of aromatherapy oils would. This method has been used since ancient times to relieve stress and relaxation of muscles as well as mind.

Though, history of aromatherapy dates back through centuries, it got mostly got famous after a French scientist accidentally discovered the healing powers of these essential oils. He submerged his burnt hand in a pot containing extracts of lavender oil and found that he felt very less burn irritation and his wounds healed faster without leaving any scars. That was the beginning of aromatherapy and essential oils used in this therapy.

If you would like to know what is aromatherapy? It is treating your mind and body for physical relief and for changing moods for better, through the use of essential oils, which are aromatic extracts from plants. You can use aromatic oils for massage, as perfume for home as well as applications on wounds, by using warm bandages instead of normal ones.

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