Other Names of Rhodiola: Golden Root, Arctic Root, The Roseroot, Aaron's Root

Useful parts of the plant: The roots

The rhodiola is a herb that is known to be native to Eastern Siberia and is popularly used in various natural medical systems across Asia as well as Eastern Europe. The Russians are also known to drink rhodiola tea for an instant energy boost. The plant grows in the high altitude regions of Europe and Asia. The plant has beautiful yellow flowers and gives a wonderful fragrance when the plant is cut.

Nutritional Information and Properties: Rhodiola contains phenylpropanoid, flavanoids, monoterpernes, phenolic acids and so on all of which are essentially set a high quality standard for herbs.

Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses

  • The rhodiola plant is known to act as a very effective adaptogen which is basically a natural substance  that tends to enhance the ability of the body to resist illnesses and infections as well as generate some amount of generalised adaptation which allows the individual to handle stress well
  • Another one of the therapeutic or health benefits of rhodiola is that it helps in the treatment of schizophrenia, sleep disturbances, poor appetite and depression as this herb tends to directly impact the central monoamine levels.
  • Health benefits of rhodiola also include it being uses to shorten the recovery time of the muscles after a long workout as well as to increase ones memory and attention span. Additionally, this herb is also known to promote glucose synthesis in the liver and muscles, stimulation of muscle energy status, anabolic activity and also promotes muscle protein synthesis.
  • Rhodiola plant is also found to be effective against cardiac problems which may be caused by stress as another one of its medical benefits. Research has shown that the consumption of rhodiola is known to decrease the risk of heart ailments as this herbal root minimizes the amount of harmful blood lipids. Rhodiola is also known to counteract heart arrhythmias by regulating the heart beat.
  • Another one of the medicinal benefits of rhodiola is that it is known to fight the tumor causing cells in the body and increases the resistance of the body to toxins as well. The use of the rhodiola root as a herbal remedy is also known to increase immunity and improve the urinary tissue in patients suffering from bladder cancer.
  • Rhodiola root is also known to be very beneficial for the strengthening of the immune system as it tends to reinstate the metabolic balance in the body. Regular administration of the rhodiola root is also known to increase the number of natural killer cells in the spleen and the stomach.
  • As part of the therapeutic uses of the rhodiola root , this herb is also known to fight depression as it regulates  serotonin which is a chemical component that influences various functions of the body such as regulation  of the body temperature , perception of pain , smooth muscle contraction and so on. It is essential that the levels of serotonin are balanced so that there is a sense of mental ease and contentment else it may lead to medical conditions such as clinical depression.
  • Some of the other benefits of rhodiola include improvement in hearing, guarding the liver against harmful environmental toxins, regulation of blood sugar levels and so on.
  • Rhodiola is also known to help those who are keen on losing weight as it tends to promote the fat breakdown process or the lipolytic process.

Before consuming the rhodiola root or any herbal remedy , it is essential to consult your doctor as the excessive consumption of the rhodiola root is known to cause increased levels of anxiety, insomnia, irritability and  restlessness which are  observed even more if it is consumed with a stimulant such as coffee.