What are the health benefits of cloves?

Clove comprises substantial measures of a dynamic constituent called eugenol that is used in the preclusion of harmful environmental wastes that cause cancers of the digestive system as well knee and limb inflammation. The herbed dried flower is also a primary component in the practice of dentistry. Clove has mild anesthetic as well as antibacterial properties. It is used in many mouth wastes, dental creams as well as throat sprays for its ability to cleanse the oral area of bacteria and ease gum pain. A wide range of flavonoids are found in cloves. Flavonoids are increasingly being studied by medical analysts in its use as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

As a spice used in cooking its dense phyto-nutrients qualities is a huge boon in foods. It is a great source of manganese, an excellent reservoir of dietary fiber, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids and an effective source of calcium and magnesium. One of the many benefits of clove and the essential oils derived from it, are that of its antiseptic characteristics. The oil of cloves is used in providing a break from headaches and tummy aches. In recent times studies have also revealed clove oil's properties as an aphrodisiac and as a mental stimulant. Applications made from or containing clove oils are used for lesions, bruises, skin infections, athlete's foot, fungal infections, injuries, prickly heat etc.

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  • The pungent and warming effect of clove helps in allaying indigestion, nausea and hiccoughs.
  • Cloves stimulate blood circulation and improve the functions of liver organ.
  • It is an effective antiseptic. Clove is beneficial in the cure of infections of the digestive tract, urinary and respiratory systems.
  • It is a valuable remedy for the nervous system and is helpful in relaxing tension.
  • Its warming effect can induce sweating and serves to bring down fever. A clove tea is useful in the treatment of hay fever and rhinitis.
  • Cloves not only aid in digestion but also reduce spasms and relieve wind from the system.
  • An application of clove oil on your temples will help in relieving from a head ache.
  • It is useful as an external application for cuts, wounds or in the treatment of athlete's foot.
  • You can add clove oil with dilute alcohol to make an ointment. This is effective in aching muscles and arthritis.
  • Cloves should be consumed a few weeks before child birth as it helps the uterus in contractions. Clove oil is messaged on the belly in case of sluggish contractions during child birth.

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