Herbal Benefits of Lime Blossom Flowers and Leaves

Common name: Lime blossom is most commonly known as lime in Britain and linden, tilia or basswood in Europe and North America.

Occurrence: Lime blossom trees can be seen in parts of Europe, in Britain and in some parts of North America. The Lime blossom species cultivate in temperate climates especially in the north. The tilia trees are deciduous trees as their leaves shed seasonally. It is believed that the trees can rise to a height of 90 feet and also live for more than 1,000 years.

Parts used: The dried flowers, leaves and the inner bark of tilia are used in medicinal preparations.

Medicinal uses of Lime Blossom Herb:

Lime blossom flowers are used to treat mild viral infections of the nose and respiratory passages, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, fever, inflammation, hypertension, and migraine headaches. It is also useful as a diuretic drug, antispasmodic agent and a depressant. Recent research indicates that the dried flowers of the lime blossom tree can be hepatoprotective. As a form of aromatherapy, lime blossom flowers can be added to baths to treat hysteria, and infused as an herbal concoction to assuage anxiety-related stomach upset, irregular heartbeat, and hyperemesis. Tilia leaves are used by herbalists to elevate sweating in order to bring down fevers. The wood of the lime blossom tree is also used as a remedy for liver and gallbladder conditions and to treat skin and surrounding soft tissue inflammation.

The charcoal from lime blossom wood is used as a treatment by ingesting it to treat intestinal upsets and also as an external application for edema, cellulitis and ulcers of the lower leg. Another important benefit of the lime blossom tree or tilia is its ability to protect the heart against stress. It helps in lowering the blood pressure, and as an anxielytic it is perfect for cardiac disorders linked to stress. Some of the active chemical compounds in lime blossom flowers are flavonoids, tannins, phenolic acids, antioxidants, volatile oils, and mucilaginous constituents that offer a host of benefits for a variety of disorders. Lime blossom flowers also offer a relaxing action in addition to bringing about a holistic calming effect on the circulatory system. The hidrosis or sweating compounded with the relaxation effects bring about a very beneficial effect in the event of feverish colds and flu.

Administered as: Tilia flower herbal teas are administered as a sole concoction, or in combination with other soothing herbs, for their sedative or calming effects. The extracts, pills, and tinctures of the lime blossom flower are also used as medicinal preparations.