I have been advised to drink artemisia tea. What are its medicinal properties?

Artemisia is a genus of up to 400 herbs that come from the family of daisies or the Asteraceae family of plants. These herbs are used for a variety of functions and its volatile oils are quite preferred for ingredients. Wormwood or Artemisia absinthium is one particular species of this genus and is generally found in temperate climates. Some of its other names are Chinese Wormwood and Yen Chen Hao. This particular plant is very useful in alternate medicine. The leaves and root of this plant are used to make different forms of poultices, tinctures and salves. The flowers are generally not used.  

Some of its main health benefits include:

  • Reduction of menstrual cramps and other stomach disorders associated with menstruation
  • Helpful in controlling inflammation of and disorders of the intestinal tract and digestive system
  • Stimulating appetite and improving digestion
  • Cleansing the liver and cleaning the bile ductsReliving the symptoms of hepatitis and jaundice
  • Improving the functioning of the gallbladder and the spleen
  • Anti malarial effectiveness
  • Using to relieve tension and anxiety and in some cases, even epileptic fits
  • Putting on bruises and itches in the form of poultice
  • Adding to a bath to combat swelling due to gout
  • Treating bladder and parasitic infections

Its anti inflammatory properties also make it a popular herb in alternate treatments for arthritis. There are even herbal supplements available in pill form that is recommended. In case you decide to take this supplement, get your doctor to first allow it. It may be an herb-based supplement but it could have a contraindication with your medication.

Artemisia Absinthium’s tea is had by brewing about one gram of the dried herb, for about 5 minutes. This herb can also be added to other herbs while brewing or even added to regular tea. This herb is often a part of the mixture for Morocco’s mint tea. This plant is used in flavouring, especially in South East Asian food.


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answered by M W

Artemisia tea - Medicinally Artemisia has anti septic,anti-fungal properties.It is a very good anti malarial and wormifuge too. It has an active ingredient called as artemisin which has known antimalarial properties.

answered by D M K

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