Lavender Herb

Stuff your pillows with the flowers like in ancient folklore; scent your baths with its oil Add them to your potpourri sachets or just use them as ornamental plants to beautify your home From relaxing your senses to giving you a great looking skin, lavender herbs can work wonders.

Common Name And Occurence:

Lavender is typically known as a soothing herb and is most popularly known for its calming the nervous system and benefiting the skin Today every cosmetic house and practioners of natural medicine has some product or treatment, which incorporates lavender in it Lavender herb is native to the mountainous regions of the mediterranean, north and east Africa, south Europe and parts of India It is easily cross-pollinated and hence has close to 39 species.

Parts Used:

Its blue-violet fragrant flowers are used as a whole, fresh and in dried form Essential oil is extracted from its flowers and is used in a variety of commercial bath and beauty products such as soaps, shower gels, lotions and body oils.

Medicinal Uses:

People who complain of alopecia should try massaging their scalps with the essential oil of lavender herbs mixed with any good hair oil Research has shown that post this treatment many people have reported re-growth of hair in bald patches.

Skin allergies and infections such as fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis, sun burns, acne, and minor wounds benefit greatly with topical application of lavender herbal conditioners Muscle and joint pains are greatly relieved by massaging lavender oil on to affected parts.

A recent study has shown that post a biopsy surgery, patients given oxygen infused with lavender oil reported of less post-operative pain However this is a recent observation and must be researched on for conclusive results.

Administered As:

In naturotherapy forms such as aromatherapy, flower therapy, and spa treatments, lavender oil is infused in steam concoctions, massage oils and lotions to treat headaches, exhaustion from stress, and other disorders of the nervous system Massage with lavender infused oils, relaxes a tired body and calms the mind It has sedative effects when taken in appropriate proportions and is very beneficial slowing down the nervous system, making it s god alternative treatment for insomnia It greatly improves sleep quality as well It's a great anti-depressant Its reduces anxiety and is a mood-uplifter Tea made with lavender herbs can be had for the above purposes in addition to the mentioned methods of use. It is a moth and insect repellant and an effective disinfectant - a good choice for closet potpourris and floor cleaners Lavender is popular in french cuisine and desserts such as cakes and scones.

However it is recommended that people on allopathic anti-depressant and sedatives consult medical opinion before using lavender herbal products Also pregnant women and lactating mothers are cautioned against using lavender based products, especially the essential oil which is very strong and can cause side effects.