Chamomile Holistic benefits - Cures wounds, Skin Problems & other diseases

Common Name: Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is known as Hungarian camomile, Sweet Chamomile, German Chamomile, Mayweed or single camomile.

Occurrence: Wild Chamomile is an herb that flowers annually and is originally thought to have grown in Europe. Today, camomile is naturalized on almost every continent. It is commonly seen growing on fence rows, waysides, and in bright open fields from Southern Canada to Minnesota.

Parts Used : The flower heads of the camomile herb are used in preparing herbal chamomile tea and other preparations.

Medicinal uses of Chamomile Herb:

A steeped infusion of the chamomile herb's flowers is used as a hair chamomile shampoo. The dried flowers of the chamomile herb are also used in specific herbal cosmetics as an anti-allergenic agent. Some topical applications that contain chamomile are used as a salve for hemorrhoids and wounds. When the herb is dried it is made into a potpourri and herb pillows for aesthetic showcasing in homes and display windows, while the dried chamomile flowers are burned during aromatherapy. As an external application, camomile infusion can be used as an herbal face wash or as a compress for skin abrasions, suntan, burns, and can be added into a bath for relieving fatigued, aching muscles and feet, and toning down the skin.

Chamomile as an herb is one of the most widely utilized soothing nervine herb. It helps in relaxing and toning the nervous system, and is particularly useful for treating anxiety and tension. It also helps as a remedy for digestive disorders such as gas, colic pains and sometimes even ulcers. The herb's ability to treat physical symptoms in addition to psychological problems, is one of the greatest benefits that chamomile can provide. It is safe to treat all forms of stress and fear related disorders and also makes for a pleasant late night tea to ensure peaceful sleep. Organic chamomile is useful for children with anxiety related disorders and can also be used to soothe teething infants. Recent medical research has revealed the ability of chamomile in fighting inflammation and infection. It can be used to clear bladder infections and for easing blood clots, muscle tension and water retention. Herbalists also believe that inhaling the steam containing chamomile extracts relieves the symptoms of cold and cough while improving anxiety and quality of life in patients afflicted with cancer. Chamomile tea benefits are far ranging and can be safely consumed as a herbal tea daily.

Chamomile Herb Administered as:

Chamomile is used as chamomile-containing products and supplements in the form of capsules, liquid extract, and creams. Chamomile is also available in the form of dried chamomile flowers in order to meet chamomile tea or use it as a mouthwash or poultice. Chamomile oil is also available in most pharmacies and is usually used as an anti-inflammatory and anti septic.