My friend uses very diluted apple cider vinegar as eye drops to help cataracts. She gives this to her children. I am concerned. Is this safe?

Apple cider vinegar has plenty of uses, some still debatable, but there is no conceivable reason to put it in one’s eyes, even if the vinegar has been diluted. A few people do recommend different solutions for an eye wash using apple cider vinegar, but these can be damaging. One has to understand that apple cider vinegar was never meant for such direct application although it can be taken internally as well as used as a topical application. While some sites still claim that such vinegar may be diluted and used as eye drops, the same websites talk about the use of this vinegar to help remove rust. It would be inadvisable to put anything in your eye which is potent enough to remove rust, no matter how much one dilutes it. Apple cider vinegar does have its other uses, such as when it comes to facial cleansing or cleaning your skin. As far as ingesting it goes, it makes a tangy dressing and can often be used in different recipes. It is also used in beauty treatments but the real debate about apple cider vinegar is in its potential as a health treatment. There are different claims about the same and apple cider vinegar has been hailed as a miracle cure for various kinds of ailments and diseases. If all of these were true, it would have been immediately snapped up and retailed as a medicinal cure. It would be best to counsel your friend and to enlist the help of a trusted doctor while trying to reason with her. Talk to the doctor about the use of apple cider vinegar on her cataract as well as for her children and attempt to reason with her.

It might be prudent to discuss the causes of cataracts and talk about alternative forms of treatment, including gentle home treatments. There are different options when it comes to cataracts and people prefer to deal with them using a variety of home treatments. Common treatments include getting beta-carotene and consumption of orange juice. Protection from the sun extends not just to your skin but also your eyes since your eyes need to be sheltered from further damage. This could be done by means of proper shades for your eyes as well as the use of a wide sunhat. Do ask the health care practitioner to go over the other means of cataract correction with your friend so that she knows what her options are.

answered by M W

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