Horehound Natural Remedies- Treat Respiratory Problems & other diseases

Common name: Horehound which is scientifically known as Marrubium vulgare is also popularly referred to as white horehound or marrubium.

Occurrence: The Horehound herb is a native of Europe, but is now cultivated in all of North and South America. The herb is a hardy perennial of the mint family and can be easily grown and cultivated from its seed or cuttings.

Parts used: The leaves of the horehound herb are used in preparing herbal medicines or herbal teas. Some herbalists use the entire plant in their medicinal preparations.

Medicinal uses of Horehound Herb:

Horehound is useful in treating symptoms related to cold and flu. One of the important properties of the herb is that it helps in loosening the phlegm and calming down coughs and colds. In certain parts of Europe, herbalists use Horehound as a treatment for indigestion and stomach discomfort due to gas and bloating. Alternative therapists highly recommend Horehound to relieve minor respiratory problems that result due to bronchitis and sinusitis. Certain medical studies indicate that the horehound herb is useful in dilating blood vessels and hence can be used as a treatment for high blood pressure and arrhythmia. However, since studies are in a preliminary stage it is important that medical experts be consulted before consuming horehound herb as a remedy among hypertension patients or heart disease patients.

Other important properties of the horehound herb, is that it also relieves spasms and increases perspiration while stimulating the flow of bile and bringing about a soothing effect on the heart. The horehound herb processes the ability to control certain liver and gall disorders and as an external application is used for minor abrasions and superficial skin inflammations. As a treatment for congestion and indigestion, horehound herb helps in stimulating the central nervous system by secreting fluids and relaxing the muscles in the body. It is also helpful for women who experience painful menstrual cramps. Horehound is extremely aid to use and can also be used for children especially as an expectorant and tonic for those affected by respiratory disorders. By consuming just a single cup of lukewarm horehound herbal tea, it can impact the gathered congestion in the throat lining, lungs and sinuses and relieve the misery due to a headache caused by sinus infections. The remedy made from the horehound herb is thought to be an important bitter tonic, and is administered to patients in order to enhance their appetite and promote the working of the stomach and digestive system on the whole.

Administered as: Horehound is administered as an herbal tea and also in commercial preparations such as cough syrups, lozenges, and infusions.