The rosemary herb is also known by other names such as rosemarine, garden rosemary and incensier. The useful parts of the rosemary herb besides the leaves are the flowers as well as the essential oils.

Some of the health benefits and therapeutic uses of rosemary are:

  • Enhancement of Mental Capacity: The use of rosemary herb is known to help in enhancing the flow of blood to the brain and the head which helps in improving one’s concentration levels. In fact one of the rosemary health benefits is that it is known to be an excellent natural treatment for the various symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and also acts as an effective remedy against mental fatigue and depression. In fact simply inhaling some rosemary oil is known to lift ones spirits immediately.
  • Respiratory Problems: Another one of the medicinal uses of the rosemary herb is that it is known to provide relief from respiratory issues such as cold, allergies, sore throat, congestion and even the flu. This is mostly on account of the anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary which also make it an effective natural treatment for minimizing the severity of an asthma attack.
  • Indigestion: The consumption of Rosemary tea is also known to help with indigestion, stomach cramps and flatulence. Hence rosemary herb is mostly added to meat dishes such as beef, lamb, pork etc. as it helps in the digestion of these meats by stimulating the gall bladder to produce an increased quantity of bile. Hence while preparing such meat dishes it is always advisable to sprinkle some rosemary herb on the meat.  
  • Prevention of Cancer: Research has also shown that rosemary essential oil and extracts are known to protect the body from carcinogens such as alfatoxin by helping in defusing them from the body via the liver. Some studies have also shown that the rosemary herb is known to be effective against various cancers such as that of the stomach, colon and breast.
  • Another one of the uses of the rosemary herb is that it helps in reducing anxiety and tension, eases pain and relaxes the muscles throughout the body. Thus rosemary is very often used in home remedies for headaches and migraines that may have been triggered by stress, nervous exhaustion and depression.
  • Besides the medicinal uses, rosemary oil is also known to increase the supply of blood to the skin as it stimulates blood circulation giving the skin a youthful glow.
  • Rosemary oil for hair is also beneficial especially in the form of a rosemary tea rinse. This rinse if used once a week helps in getting rid of any build up on the scalp which would otherwise make the hair appear dull. Rosemary oil is known to help in promoting the growth of hair as it cleans the hair follicles thereby resulting in thick and clean hair as well as scalp.
As a natural treatment for skin related diseases, one of the rosemary herb recipes is to prepare a rosemary bath by boiling together approximately 50 grams of dried rosemary in a liter of water. This mixture should then be strained well and allowed to cool. Once cooled to room temperature, this liquid should be added to the bath water. Those suffering from skin ailments should have a rosemary bath at least once a week.

As a precautionary measure while using rosemary, it should never be administered to those with ulcerative colitis, high blood pressure or those suffering from Crohn’s disease. Rosemary oil should also not be consumed orally as it is known to be toxic.