October 9, 2009

Home Remedy for Excess Sweat on Face

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Natural Cures

Facial sweating is not a very uncommon problem among many people and in a manner of speaking can also be a beneficial thing. People who have the ability to sweat properly from the face do not have clogged pores that can end up in acne; therefore, it is essential to ensure that any treatment to reduce sweating does not take away this benefit. Additionally, do not use any treatment for longer than it is required and this means that you should give your skin the adequate periods of rest from the treatment.

The first and foremost method is to stop using facial creams and lotions for a while. The problem with facial creams is that most of them are of very thick concentration that forms a film over the face and does not allow the sweat to dry off. As a result, the face sweats builds up. If you do have to use a cream, then it is better to go for light creams that are less concentrated and easily absorbed. The next effective method of losing excess sweat is to use talcum powder. The powder can be applied on the face keeping it away from the eyes, nose and ears. This will help in drying the face for some time. Women who use make-up instead of talcum powder might find it useful to use a thin and loose compact powder, since this performs the same function, as a talcum powder would have done. It also provides the make-up that your heart desires. Apart from this, there are a few other remedies that you can try out to stop excessive sweating. There are special wet wipes, which are available to counter this problem. These wipes have astringent properties that are very effective in keeping the face dry and clean. Some of the wipes even have deodorant properties, which will even help in blocking the sweat pores so that there is less sweating. Other than this, one natural remedy for excess sweating, which everyone can try out, is to use the herb witch hazel. The extract from this herb has been found to contain excellent astringent properties, which shrinks the cells of the skin and stops any exudates. Moreover, this herb is very mild and does not have any serious repercussions. The herb is commonly available at all local drug stores.

Finally, if nothing else works, then most doctors recommend using aloe vera. Used as a general healer, aloe vera is good at curing most skin problems. However, this is effective only for a few short hours.