April 27, 2010

Aromatherapy for Skin Care

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Aromatherapy is a form of treatment that makes use of essential oils and other plant extracts. Essential oils have the ability to heal various skin conditions and improve the overall texture of skin and are therefore gaining importance in skin care as well as other related fields. Generally, these oils are used in a diluted form made by adding a few drops of the desired oil to one’s regular cream or body lotion. They may also be added to jojoba oil as jojoba tends to suit every skin type. Storing the jojoba blend in an airtight bottle, in the refrigerator, is recommended to keep in from becoming stale. A capsule of vitamin E oil or a few drops of wheat germ oil may be added to the combination to enhance its benefits and prevent it from going rancid. A few drops of these oils may also be added to warm water and used for a final rinse after a bath as well. It is recommended to use this oil during the night for an added effect.

There are a number of essential oils that are known to benefit the skin due to their deep cleansing, toning, nourishing, germ fighting and healing properties. These oils have the capacity to seep deep into the skin and repair damaged cells and regulate the circulation of blood and natural oils as well. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that it takes approximately a month and a half for new skin cells to replace the previous layer. Hence, the benefits of aromatherapy would be determined only after regular use of the same over a considerable period of time.

Geranium, lavender, rosewood and sandalwood are suitable for every skin type. They regulate the secretion of natural oil from the sebaceous glands thus ensuring that the skin is not too oily nor too dry, rough and flaky. They are also known to prevent acne, various forms of skin irritation and reduce skin sensitivity, leaving the skin smooth and nourished. Birch, cypress, rosemary and orange are known to be beneficial in improving blood circulation and preventing cellulite buildup. To delay the aging process, blue chamomile, Vetiver, frankincense, rosewood and sandalwood have proved to be very useful. Lavender oil has excellent antiseptic properties and is used to be effective in treating minor cuts, bruises and burns. Chamomile is known to soothe the skin and provide relief from sunburns and eczema. Peppermint oil is useful in reducing the itchy sensation caused by insect bites.