January 28, 2010

Tips & Natural Remedies for Damaged Hair

Posted in Category : Hair Care

If your hair is dry and damaged, then you can try treating the problem at home with simple ingredients picked up from your kitchen. If the problem persists, then you can consult a hair care expert. Here are some tips to cure damaged hair and restore moisture to those dry locks.

  • Make a hair pack by mashing and mixing an avocado and an overripe banana. Smear it over your hair and wash off after an hour.
  • You can use leftover beer after shampooing. Just rinse your hair with the beer to get back that gloss and shine.
  • Another interesting remedy can be whipped up by whisking egg with warm water. Slather this mixture on your hair and rinse off with warm water. This is a natural and effective deep-conditioning treatment for damaged and dry hair. Another treatment option is to mix a spoon of vinegar, two spoonfuls of olive oil, and three eggs, and apply this pack on your hair. Wear a plastic cap and then rinse and shampoo after half-an-hour.
  • Some even use mayonnaise for treating damaged hair. Just rub some into your scalp and hair and rinse after 30 minutes.
  • Warm coconut oil can heal damaged and dry hair. Get a good hair massage and keep the oil on overnight. Wash in the morning with tepid water and shampoo well.
  • Another thing to remember is that if your hair is damaged and dry, we suggest that you keep a check on the amount of shampoo that you’re using. Overdoing the shampooing routine can damage your hair further. Several shampoos contain harsh elements that can strip the hair of its natural oils. This can make the hair dry and damage it. Buy a natural, mild shampoo and avoid shampooing every single day of the year.
  • You need to exercise some caution when caring for and grooming your hair too. Do not comb your hair with harsh strokes that might pull and break strands. While shampooing, use your fingertips and not your nails to massage the scalp.
  • Use a mild but effective shampoo. Experts feel that acidic shampoos are good for cleaning out the hair and are gentle too. Speak with a health care expert about the hair cosmetics, including shampoos that you should use.
  • Use a good conditioner after shampooing to add that bounce and shine to your tresses.
  • Use hot oils to treat the hair.
  • Massage your hair gently with your fingertips. Use nourishing oils.