August 25, 2010

Get Relief from Hernia Stomach Pain

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Although most often associated with the stomach, the medical definition of a hernia is the instance of any bodily contents bulging out of an area where they are normally contained. The condition is more often than not associated with an individual’s midriff because of the fact that the most common cases of hernia involve portions of the intestine as well as abdominal fatty tissue. One aspect of a hernia that should be kept in mind is the fact that they are asymptomatic conditions and, as a result, produce no pronounced symptoms of existence. However, the primary risk lies in the fact that whatever internal organ is affected and not in its proper location, is likely to be denied appropriate blood supply. This could therefore cause the organ to die inside the body itself. This will usually call for a surgical emergency to help restore blood flow and oxygen supply to the affected tissues. There are a number of different types of hernias that are primarily labeled as per the location of the bulge. Most of these hernias can occur at any age, although some are more specific to gender. There are certain factors that have a greater influence on the development of a hernia such as lifting heavy objects, coughing, obesity or even fluid collection in the abdominal cavity or straining too much during a bowel movement. Hereditary is also known to play some role in the development of the condition.

Most home remedies that are geared around achieving relief from hernia pain are centered on how you treat the condition and tweak your lifestyle to accommodate it until the hernia surgery has been performed. For example, if you are obese or overweight, simply losing weight is likely to play a prominent role in achieving relief from hernia pain. Smoking is a common habit that only serves to exacerbate the condition significantly while wearing clothing that is substantially tight around the chest or abdomen is only going to pile unnecessary pressure on the already susceptible area. Another important step that could be taken to get relief from hernia pain is to keep your head in an alleviated position while sleeping. You could do this easily by simply placing some bricks under the head side of the bed frame. This is important as it will allow gravity to prevent the stomach acids from moving up the esophagus and cause complications while you sleep. Another important step that should be taken to get relief from hernia pain is to pay careful attention to your meals. Instead of eating three large meals over the course of the day, try switching to about 6 small meals spread over the course of the day to relieve extra pressure on the stomach area.