Prevention Of Hernia Pain In Adults

A hernia can be diagnosed if you have a lump in the abdominal or groin area which is painful and may or may not feel tender to the touch. Sometimes you may feel the pain before you see the lump and the lump may increase in size when you stand or when you cough or sneeze.

Typically the only treatment for an existing hernia is surgery, but several natural treatments are available to reduce the possibility of a recurrence and to reduce the pain.

  • Apply no heat or pressure to the affected area
  • No bending over or lying down after food
  • Elevate your head by at least six inches while sleeping. This prevents reflux
  • No tight clothes in the area of your torso
  • Avoid alcohol and foods that cause bloating
  • Protect your back when lifting something heavy
  • Drink 50ml of Aloe Vera juice in the mornings and in the nights
  • Apply an ice bag to the aching area
  • Chamomile and slippery elm are given to babies who develop hernia, therefore may show effect in adults as well
  • Take rupturewort in capsule form. Also try Cayenne Pepper. A cloth soaked Rupturewort infusion may also be applied to the area directly.

Hernias can become serious if not treated in time, so do not rely solely on home remedies and always be in touch with your primary health giver on the matter.

answered by S E

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