My mom is suffering from hiatus hernia, it is giving her heart palpitation?

Slippery Elm is the perfect antidote for suffering caused by Hiatal hernia. A paste of two tablespoons of slippery elm blended with camomile tea must be had in tiny quantities, quarter teaspoon per measure. This mixture must be had twice daily and sustained for more than 3 months. The irritation due to the affliction will gradually heal. In addition to the paste, camomile tea can be had on 3 - 4 times daily.

Onions are known to be major cause of the heartburn. Stay away from consuming raw onions. If onions have to be used in the preparation of meals, refrigerate the raw onions before they are sliced. The best way to eat onions is to cook them rather eaten raw. Drink small sips of water between meals and in-between bites. The stomach acids are washed away from the surface of the esophagus to the stomach with every sip between bites. Increased quantity of saliva also helps to neutralize the acid. For added consolation and better comfort, stay clear of drinking alcohol, smoking, catching a wink and arduous load lifting immediate after a meal. Post dinner drinks have the tendency to induce nighttime reflux, while smoking may counteract your lower esophageal function.

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Health advice on hiatus hernia

  • While sleeping, elevate the head of your bed by around 6 inches with the help of firm padding. This will check the stomach acid from moving into the esophagus. Pillows increase the pressure on the abdomen, so do not use them.
  • Have Gotu Kola as it speeds up the healing process and works as an effective general tonic.
  • American Ginseng builds up internal defenses.
  • Make a paste of 1 dessertspoonful of slippery elm and mix it with chamomile tea. Eat it a little at a time for effective coating of the area.
  • Drink a quarter of a cup of Aloe Vera juice two times a day.
  • Drink diluted carrot juice half an hour before meals.
  • Eat fresh yoghurt and sip buttermilk along with your meals.
  • Mix 1 tsp of baking soda in 1 glass of water, add some ice and drink it.
  • Drink ginger tea 1 or 2 times daily.
  • To reduce pain cold compress with an ice bag but avoid putting any pressure on the swelling.
  • Do not smoke and keep away from spicy and hot foods, alcohol and fatty foods.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and avoid bending to pick up things. Do not carry excess weight and exercise regularly.
  • Eat smaller meals and never overeat.
  • Consume fibrous foods and avoid taking enzyme supplements as they contain hydrochloric acid.

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