April 11, 2008

Reiter’s Syndrome (Reactive Arthritis) – Diagnosis for Causes & Risks

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) is an inflammatory reaction syndrome, observed as a reaction to the infection in any part of the body. With Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis), typically intestinal and urogenital infections occurs. The causes and risks involved are primarily in to following three body areas; mainly body joints, eyes and genital or urinary track. Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) can be seen in men as well women. Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) is a RF-seronegative, a HLA-B27 linked spondyloarthropathy often assisted with infections in our body.

Finding causes and risks involved in Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) condition is very important. Proper diagnosis is required to find out exact cause for Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis). Late detection of Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) condition can land you in trouble and can damage you severely. There are various causes for Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) condition. Generally bacterial infection near the urinary tract causes Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis).  Bacterium Chlamydia is the cause of concern for this infection. Bacterium Chlamdia spread through unprotected sexual activity between people and that can infect your genitals. Yersinia, Shigella, Campylobacter and Salmonella are the range of bacteria that can create infection in digestive system of our body. These bacteria can spread through stale food and beverages. Over reactive autoimmune retort can also be the cause for Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) condition.

Symptoms for Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) are similar to that of inflammatory arthritis, urethritis and conjunctivitis and uveitis for eyes. Increase in pain and burning during urination is major sign for Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) condition. There is much risk involved in Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) as it can disrupt your uterus functions. This will cause major problems in body. In addition, there is risk for the circinate balanitis or called as penile lesions in men. Various people also suffer from nasty gastrointestinal problems, which affects over all health. From all the cases of Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis), some 10 % people develop pericarditis and aortic regurgitation. Apart from this, Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) when not detected as at early stages, can infect body joints harshly. It involves great risk and thus should be treated as early as possible. Then problems like prostatitis can occur in men and salpingitis, vulvovaginitis and cervicitis in women. That is why proper diagnosis of Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis) is necessary and you can avoid unnecessary risks involved in treating Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis).