My husband can sleep all day and all night, it is as if he can sleep 14 hours. And get up an hour later and be falling asleep again. What could be the reason?

If it is not sleep apnea then there may be a simpler cause. Some people feel that they have an addiction toward sleep and all that's ever on their mind is getting good sleep. This results in the sleep getting in the way of other things of their lives and hence becomes a problem. There is also a possibility that it may be a physical problem. There are number of physical disorders that can cause a person to feel like constantly sleeping. Of these chronic fatigue syndrome is the most common disorder. One of the main symptoms of chronic fatigue symptom is a feeling of been tired and not fresh even after getting sleep for a long period of time. The syndrome affects a lot of people and occurs mostly in middle aged adults. People who suffer from this disorder tend to be very depressed and are not able to complete their work or daily activities due to the feeling of excessive tiredness and maybe seek out sleep adds the next best option. Another reason could be the lack of certain nutrients in the body or the consumption of certain medications that can cause excessive drowsiness.

Under normal circumstances the person who is most ware and maybe troubled by the disorder is the patient himself. The disorder may inhibit them from fulfilling various obligations needed during their waking hours and hence the prevalence pf a psychological disorder must also be looked into. If there is really the existence of a psychological disorder than then the next step to take is treatment using psychotherapy. This will help in understanding if there may be any underlying problems such as fear or anxiety and your husband is using sleep as a means of escaping from this. Taking a second diagnosis from another doctor will also help in identifying the exact cause.

answered by G R

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