March 18, 2010

How To Control Excessive Sweating

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Perspiration is something quite obvious and is a symptom in itself Perspiration is a result of the body regulating itself to adjust its internal temperature to the temperature outside. If it is too hot, we perspire because our body needs to find a release from the excessive heat being radiated outside. If it is cold, we do not perspire, because our body conserves internal heat so as to battle the cold. A problem could potentially arise if you are perspiring excessively. This is not uncommon, and it is also nothing to be alarmed about. Sometimes, there can be factors that lead to this happening. In women, hot flashes can occur during and after pregnancy as well as menopause. This can cause unusually excessive sweating and discomfort. Some people just tend to have more active sweat glands than others, and this is why they sweat too much. Other people may have bodies that are accustomed to a certain type of temperature, mostly very high, and they do not sweat easily because of that. If the body is accustomed to living in cold climates, then too it will sweat easily once the temperatures start rising.


There are ways to take care of excessive sweating. However, please be aware that most of these methods vary in their effectiveness and also in their results from person to person. This is a matter of your body type and composition, and very little can change that. You should try and bathe twice a day, each time with room temperature water. Using cold water may give you relief, but it will also make you feel hotter and thus sweatier when you get out. Powder yourself generously, especially the places where you are sweating a lot. Use a fragrance free and hypoallergenic powder for good results. Sometimes, people who sweat a lot can also have body odor, and when mixed with some sort of powder fragrance, the results may be quite powerful. Using an anti bacterial powder can help drastically in such cases as most odor that is released is because of bacterial activity; sweat in itself has no odor. You should also try and eat foods that keep you cool. These would include cucumbers, citrus fruits and fresh yogurt. It is avoidable to indulge in eating lots of spice, as this will only make you feel hotter by raising your internal body temperature. You would also do well to avoid eating excessive amounts of red meat. You should also try and stay in an air conditioned environment. If you try a combination of these methods, you may see positive results.