Any home remedies for excessive sweating in my 3 year old son.

Remedies for Excessive sweating in child

Sweating is a normal reaction of the body which helps rid it of toxins. There are several things that may be causing excessive sweating. One is, if you live in a humid environment, or if your son is wearing synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon or non-leather shoes, this may make him sweat more than normal. Excessive sweating may be curtailed by using the following plant remedies:

  • Make an infusion of sage leaves by the following process. Bring two cups of water to boil and add 20 leaves. Allow this to simmer for five minutes. Strain it and add some sugar or honey to make it more palatable. Feed the infusion to your child twice a day. Sage suppresses sweat production and may help with the problem.
  • Take equal parts of Oak bark, eucalyptus leaves, tormentil root, walnut leaves and witch hazel . To two quarts of water add 5 tbsps of this mixture and boil for about five minutes. Strain the mixture and add a further quart of cold water. Bathe his hands and feet in this mixture.
  • Use body powder or baking soda especially in areas where the skin folds to absorb excess moisture.
  • Taking a tablet of kali phos under the tongue can also help.

Please remember to replenish all the salts he loses due to extra sweating. Try and give him coconut milk and plenty of fruit juices and milk to make sure he does not lose too many nutrients.

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