How to stop excessive sweating around the male genitals?

Sweat secretion is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is caused by a number of reasons including hormonal changes, endocrine imbalances, chronic medical conditions, psychiatric disorders, obesity as well as certain medications. Excessive sweating around the male genitals can cause much discomfort and embarrassment especially if there is a bad body odor that accompanies it. It can further lead to rashes, itching and peeling of the skin in the area around the groin. This happens due to the growth of a fungus known as tricophyton rubrum which thrives in the moist and warm areas of the body such as the genital and anal areas. Men who are involved in heavy physical labor and outdoors activities are prone to heavy sweating as are those who work out frequently in the gym. Those who have a weak immune system and suffer from diabetes or AIDS also have the problem of sweating and jock itch. Since jock itch is contagious, it is extremely important to observe a strict hygiene routine if you suffer from this problem.

Sometimes excessive sweating and the accompanying bad odor and jock itch can be treated by improving your hygiene routine, bathing at least twice a day and by wearing cotton undergarments that are not tight around the groins. If necessary change your underwear twice or thrice a day. Ensure that your groin is dry by wiping it carefully with a towel or even using a blow dryer to get rid of the moisture created by the sweat. You should drink a lot of water and fluids to keep your body temperature low and decrease sweating. Consuming green tea is said to be beneficial in treating excessive sweating. Similarly 1 tsp of cider vinegar mixed with 1 tsp of honey consumed daily is also helpful in controlling excessive sweating. Excessive sweating around the male genitals can also be controlled by using anti-fungal sprays as well anti-per spirant sprays with aluminum and zinc. Garlic is excellent for excessive sweating and should be used in food preparations. It can also be mixed with some honey and applied over the affected areas. Yeast also leads to sweating and jock itch and thus foods with high yeast content should be avoided as far as possible. Processed, spicy and greasy foods which convert into sugar in the body should also be avoided. You should also avoid chain-smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

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