how can I stop excessive sweating

The sympathetic nervous system plays a vital role in secretion of sweat. Functioning of this system in an excessive manner or over activity is referred to as hyper hidrosis or excessive sweating. Primary cause is due to unidentifiable reasons, whereas, secondary hyper hidrosis is due to menopause, endocrine disorders, their treatment, systemic malignant disease, psychiatric disorders and obesity.

Aluminium chloride, as a 20 per cent solution is an effective method of treatment. Roll on applicators are helpful and are applied, before retiring to bed. Sweating is the least when lying down. Excess is removed with the help of a hair dryer, as it might result in inflammation, itching and redness. Aluminium chloride acts as a matrix in the gland that secretes sweat. Sweat secretion is thereby decreased.

Wear loose fitting clothes. Always go in for light cotton clothing, as it encourages breathing through of air, thereby decreasing the sweat. Body temperature is decreased by drinking adequate amount of water. A teaspoon of cider vinegar with honey in equal proportion is an effective remedy. Green tea at night also proves beneficial. If these tips, fail to help, visit your physician for more guidance.

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