I had thigh bone and knee cap fractures 18 months back. Operations took place and metal rod has been implanted. So please help me to make the bone to unite fast?

A fracture of the bone is a condition in which the bone gets cracked or broken. It generally creates a break in the straight structure of the bone. A lot of fractures are caused due to a high force injury or impact but there are other medical disorders like certain type of cancer that can weaken the bone and hence also cause a fracture. The body's own process of healing the bone starts with the bleeding of the bone and the tissues. The blood then thickens to form a clot between the broken parts and after a small period of time new blood vessels start to grow and form a jelly like matrix, along with the new blood cells the body's white blood cells also start to populate the area and gradually remove the broken minute fragments. These cells also bring something known as fibroblasts to the walls of the vessels, which then multiplies to produce fibers of collagen and slowly replaces the blood clot. The collagen protects the half repaired bone from moving too much and allows it to heal.

Here are some diet remedies that you can use in order to help strengthen your bones. These food items and nutrients are beneficial but check with your doctor before you can use any of them. Low fat soy flour contains high amounts of lysine and is beneficial. Try drinking calcium fortified orange juice twice a day for effective results. Eat carrots that are lightly cooked as they too are beneficial for bones. Include in your diet sesame seeds until the healing process is over. Eating green leafy vegetables are also helpful as they are good source of the various vitamins. Eat fresh fruits as well and nuts like peanuts cardamom nuts, but do so in moderation. Also remember to avoid smoking as it inhibits the repairing of your bones.

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