I have an extra bone in my foot which I broke sometime ago. I now have a rather hard bump near or on that bone which is becoming very sore to the touch. I wondered if it could be a bone spur?

Health Advice on Bone Bump

Yes, the hard bump near the bone can be a bone spur. A bone spur is basically a bony growth often formed on any normal bone. This extra bone is smooth and can result in pain or wear and teat if extra pressure is exerted on that bone. The most common places for growth of such bones are spine, shoulders, hands, hips, knees and feet.

A bone spur is basically caused when your body is fighting with its internal systems to prevent the growth of extra bone. This bone is then formed as a result of pressure, stress or rubbing that stays for a long time.

Some bone spurs are also part of the natural aging process. With the growing age, the slippery tissue or cartilage covering the end of joint bones breaks down and wears away. This breaking down of the cartilage further results in pain and swelling and ends up with the formation of bone spur.

Bone spurs form in the feet due to tight ligaments, physical activities that exerts pressure on feet like dancing and running, obesity or overweight and uncomfortable poorly fitting shoes. All these factors results in the formation of bone spur or bone bump.

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