Natural treatment for bone spur in spine

A bone spur is basically an extra bony growth that forms on the normal bone. This formation usually takes place when the body tries to repair or rejuvenate itself by developing extra bone. The medical term given to this extra bone is osteophyte. Bone spurs are usually smooth and develop around and on the joints of the body such as hips, hands, knees, feet, shoulders, and spine. The formation of this bone is quite normal with advancing age and by itself is not painful. However, when it starts pressing against other bones and the nerves surrounding it, that’s when it becomes painful. Bone spur is also an indication of spine degeneration. Pain in the neck and the back while walking or just standing, which you cannot attribute to any particular cause could be an indication of a bone spur. When the bone spur is located around the spine, the pain is usually felt in the shoulders and the head, in the form of a headache. Numbness and tingling sensations in the arms and legs are also indicators of bone spur development. Since the growth of bone spur is a natural process, it cannot be removed. But you can take precautions to protect your bones and joints by living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a good posture throughout your life, and eating healthy.

As for the existing pain, here are a few things that you can do. If the pain is mild or dull, apply an ice pack on that area regularly. However, if the pain is severe place a heating pad on painful area for at least 30 minutes, at regular intervals throughout the day. Do this every day till the pain subsides. You can also use flaxseeds as a hot pack and place it on the painful area. Another equally effective pack is the linseed oil pack. Dip a cotton cloth in hot linseed oil, place this cloth on the painful area, and place a heating pad on this cloth. This will ensure that the oil penetrates deep inside and works at eliminating the pain. A pigment of turmeric, curcumin is known to be highly effective in getting rid of the bone spur itself. Take one teaspoon of this powder everyday on an empty stomach. Make it a point to drink chamomile tea instead of regular tea. This too will help in reducing the pain. Avoid indulging in any kind of strenous activity as this would only aggravate the pain.

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