November 6, 2008

Hair Re-Growth Remedies: Natural Treatments To Prevent Hair Loss

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Hair re-growth remedies have become one of the most widely used of all home treatments owing to the incidence of the condition. With rising stress levels, increasing pollution and a hectic lifestyle, hair loss has become a common pattern for most of us. Scientifically some amount of hair loss is natural each day so that there is re-growth or regeneration. But the condition of excessive hair loss, results in more of hair falling and less hair growing on the scalp to compensate. Hence, hair re-growth remedies are useful for all of us.

Natural Hair Regrowth Remedies

  • Hair is made up of proteins and its prime nourishment is provided from the foods we eat. Consume foods high in protein content such as whole grains, cereals, green leafy vegetables, soybean, carrots, sprouts, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, apricots and mango.
  • Blood circulation in the scalp is essential to facilitate hair growth at the normal or at a faster rate. Groom your hair gently with a soft brush at least three or four times a day. This will also help to prevent hair knots that result in broken hair and split ends. After having a head wash gently massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes.
  • Oil massaged into the scalp is the most widely used hair regrowth remedy. Olive oil massaged daily on the scalp for 15-20 minutes can do wonders. Apart from this, almond oil and coconut oil are also very effective.
  • Aloe Vera also serves as a beneficial hair regrowth remedy. Gently massage the Aloe Vera juice or gel into your scalp half an hour before a bath and rinse it of with cool or lukewarm water.
  • One of the most effective hair regrowth remedies is a mixture of egg yolk and honey. Apply the mixture gently to your scalp but thoroughly. Keep this mixture on for half an hour.
  • Indian gooseberry is well known for its ability to enhance hair regrowth. In fact it is known as a hair tonic. It can simply be eaten as a fruit or its juice can be consumed every morning. Also, dried pieces of Indian gooseberry can be boiled in coconut oil and applied on the scalp.
  • The seeds of ash gourd should be boiled in coconut oil at low flame for some time. This oil helps in hair growth.
  • Curry leaves boiled in coconut oil should be cooled and strained. Thereafter, it should be applied on the scalp to stimulate hair growth.
  • Fresh leaves of Fenugreek should be crushed and the paste thus obtained should be applied to the scalp. Apply it every day before washing your hair. This will give your hair gloss and volume and enhance growth.

Yoga and meditation and some simple lifestyle changes will also help as hair regrowth remedies alone will not help if you lead an extremely stressful and unhealthy life.