April 4, 2008

Popular Hair Loss Treatments

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Losing hair is not something that people look forward to. However, for many people, it is a simple fact of life. Men lose hair as they age—some of them lose all of their hair. Women find that they have thinning hair due to age or have hair loss from pregnancy, or stress. When you lose hair, you want to fix the situation. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to combat hair loss. Here is a look at popular hair loss treatments.

Prescription Medications:
There are several different kinds of prescription medications that can slow hair loss. Finasteride, Proscar and Propecia are commonly prescribed. These drugs were originally made to combat prostate problems, but doctors soon found that these drugs also helped slow hair loss. In fact, these drugs have shown to slow male pattern baldness in most men that try the drugs.

Over the Counter Treatments:
Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) is another common hair loss treatment. This was once only available with a prescription, but it is now available over the counter. This formula is used for both men and women and can slow or stop hair loss. Some people report mild results, but others report hair growing back faster than with other treatments. There are also several shampoos and creams that are made to help slow hair loss.

Cosmetic Treatments:
If you are opposed to medications, then cosmetic treatments can help. Masking products, wigs and hairpieces are common treatments that give the look of a full head of hair. Hair implants are also quite popular, although this is an expensive treatment. Many people also swear by a diet full of good protein along with vitamin supplements to help hair grow back strong and healthy.

If you are facing hair loss, then there are ways you can fix the problem. Your doctor can help you decide what treatment is right for you.