How to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth

Hair loss can usually be traced to hereditary factors, but other factors such as a stressful lifestyle, exposure to pollution and harmful chemicals, use of harsh chemical hair products and treatments and even certain medications can be responsible for hair loss. It is a normal tendency to try and combat hair loss and induce hair growth by buying hair products that claim to reduce hair fall and enhance hair growth. However most of the products available in the market are chemical-based and actually strip your hair of its natural moisture and do more harm to your hair than good. In order to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth, you should be healthy inside out and the best way to achieve that is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, adequate exercise and rest. Your diet should be rich in proteins, Vitamin B, folic acid and other hair strengthening minerals. Ensure that your diet includes fish since it supplies the essential nutrients, fatty acids and minerals to your hair. In addition to this, you should drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices to keep your body and thus your hair hydrated and healthy and less prone to breakage and fall. The water also keeps your system clean, thus flushing out the toxins that hinder hair growth.

Since hair growth can be hindered by hair follicles that are plugged or due to inadequate circulation of blood in the scalp, you should concentrate on increasing the circulation of blood in your scalp. The herbs Ginkgo Biloba and Cayenne pepper are beneficial for increasing blood circulation not only to the head but also the rest of the body. Certain herbal teas also abet hair growth. Chamomile tea, known for reducing stress is excellent for enhancing hair growth. Apart from Chamomile, herbal teas made with Catnip, Sage and Saw Palmetto help to promote hair growth. Saw Palmetto lowers the levels of the DTH hormone which is responsible for hair fall. Consumption of green tea has also been shown to improve hair growth since it lowers the testosterone levels in the body which influences the levels of DTH. Finally you can try the hot and cold hydrotherapy in which you rinse your hair under the shower first with hot water and then with cold water for around 30 seconds each. This gives the scalp a massage and stimulates blood circulation thus promoting hair growth.

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