July 23, 2010

Hair Care Products for Swimmers

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Swimming is an excellent from of exercise and a fun way to cool down in the blazing summers. But chemicals like chlorine which are present in the water have a damaging impact on hair. They can cause it to become dull and brittle by removing moisture from the hair and can even turn light colored hair green! Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent the negative impacts to hair from swimming.

Steps taken for hair care should be carried out even before entering the water by using hair care products for swimmers. These products are intended to deal with the damage that pool or ocean water could cause. The water in swimming pools is highly chlorinated and depletes the moisture and moisture retention capability of hair, leaving it rough and dry. These hair products contain enough vitamin C, vitamin E, and other beneficial vitamins which remove copper from the hair and restore the proteins. A substitute to shampooing is rinsing hair with lemon juice or vinegar after a day at the pool. The solution should be left in for about fifteen minutes and then rinsed with water.

Probably the most effective method of hair care for swimmers is simply wearing a swim cap. Even though the hair may get slightly wet, the cap significantly reduces exposure to chlorine. Putting on a conditioner prior to wearing the cap, helps prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle. It is important to follow the proper procedure for putting on the cap. First, tuck your hair tightly into a bun keeping it out of the way. With the seam of the cap between your hands, bring your head down and stick your forehead into the front of the cap. The cap should be stretched completely till it covers your hairline.

Many swimming pools feature a shower area and it is important that any chlorine in the hair be rinsed out. Always keep shampoo as a part of your swim gear. Only use shampoos that contain aloe and added vitamin to moisturize and condition your hair. An important part of hair care after swimming is conditioning your hair after it has been washed. If you go swimming regularly, use a leave-in conditioner before wearing the cap. It will shield the hair from metals and prevent it from turning green. Heat from blow-drying could also damage the hair so it is best avoided. Use a comb with wide teeth in untangling the hair to prevent it from breaking. Even if you forget the shampoo, a good rinsing of the hair with water will get most of the chlorine out.

Following proper preventive techniques will prevent damage to hair and the sooner you get the harmful chemicals out, the lesser the damage.