How long does swimmers ear last?

Swimmer's ear is the name given to the infection of the inner ear. This infection causes the inner ear to be inflamed and is very painful. As you can guess from the name, this is a medical condition that primarily affects people who swim. What happens is that when you are in the water for a long period of time, some amount of water manages to get into your ear. Once inside the ear canal it is difficult to get the water out of the ear canal. The water that is inside the ear canal provides the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to flourish since the inside of the ear is now wet, warm and dark. In addition to the pain the person suffering from swimmer's ear also notices that his hearing is affected. In addition the ear wax appears white and soft. Sudden sharp pains can cause extreme discomfort to the person suffering from the swimmer's ear. If you are person who goes swimming regularly, then the infection is likely to last longer. If you continue to go swimming after you have an infection, the ear will never be given an opportunity to really heal. That is why it is not possible to predict the course of the ear infection. It actually depends on the person who has the swimmer's ear. If he decides to stop swimming till the infection has cleared then he can be rid of it quickly. On the other hand if he does nothing to get rid of the infection, it could linger on for a long period of time.

If you do have a swimmer's ear, you should stop swimming for a few days at least. You should consult your doctor if you notice other symptoms like blood oozing out of the ear or periods of dizziness. If your hearing is badly affected by the infection, it is not advisable to wait. Contacting your doctor at the earliest is advisable. Malt vinegar is believed to be very effective in treating swimmer's ear. You can put in a few drops into one ear and tilt the head before you do the same for the other ear. You can leave this inside your ear for around five minutes and then turn your head to drain the liquid out. Doing this twice a day will definitely help cure your swimmer's ear. If you are reluctant to put anything into your ears, you can simply use your hair drier to dry out the inside of your ear. Ensure that you don't hold the drier in one position for long periods of time. Instead move it around and allow it to dry out the liquid in your ear.

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