I have swimmers ear and even with all the ear drops and plugs, caps and other things my ear still gets infected. is there any cure for swimmers ear

swimmers ear (otitis externa) is an infection of the ear canal and the external ear, and is usually a result of overexposure to water. When the ear gets drenched with water, the moisture penetrates the water-resistant skin layer making it soft and wrinkled. Fungi and bacteria often survive on the surface of the skin that is exposed to water. Though these bacteria do not cause any harm, a break in the normal barrier of the skin makes them enter the ear causing inflammation, resulting in the condition known as swimmers ear. The symptoms of swimmers ear include a sudden pain and itchiness in the ear, a slight loss of hearing, white and soft earwax, yellowish discharge from the ear. You could also suffer from a heavy and stuffy feeling in the ear, scaly of sore outer ear, and a feeling of noise (buzzing or humming) within the ear, and an inflammation in the lymph nodes of neck. To avoid swimmers ear, do not insert objects into your ear. This gives the bacteria on the object get an easy entry into the ears. Also, make sure that your bathing water is not contaminated and you do not spend too many hours in moist areas like swimming pool or public gyms. Make sure that hairsprays, shampoos, and hair dyes do not come in contact with your ears. The chemical irritants can encourage bacteria in your ears.

To cure swimmers ears at home, you can instill drops of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in your ears twice a day for three consecutive days. Instill about three drops of white vinegar in one ear and lay down on the side for about five minutes. Turn to the other side and repeat the procedure. The apple cider vinegar can be mixed with an equal amount of water and instilled in a dosage of three drops after bathing or swimming. The acetic acid in vinegar inhibits the growth of bacteria in general. Another simple remedy is heating a small amount of baby oil till it’s lukewarm and pouring it in the ears. Then, plug the ear with a cotton swab. All these will help you get relief from swimmers ears. To avoid a relapse of the infection, apply a little oil before stepping into the pool to prevent the protective oils in the ear from being flushed out. Carefully drain the water out of the ear by turning your head and gently pulling the ear in different directions. Swim only in clean pools and use earplugs when you swim.

answered by G M

Put white onion juice weekly into your ears to get rid of infection and itching.  You can also cut five garlic cloves into fine pieces and add into 100 ml mustard oil to boil together till it becomes charred.  Filter the oil and store in a clean glass bottle.  Put few drops of this oil into your ears weekly to combat the infecton.  Clean your ears using cotton buds only.  Plugging your ears while swimming is to be continued to protect water intering into your ears.  Take care and be in good health.

answered by K S

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